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Create a Resume with Facebook Timeline | Paolo Bruno
venerdì , 9 Giugno 2023

Create a Resume with Facebook Timeline


Have no idea on how to style your resume?

Why don’t exploit the new Facebook Timeline feature to create an original and professional resume?

Here’s a sneak peek of the final result:

Intrigued? 😉 Keep on reading..

I started by creating a new Facebook profile with the username cv.paolo.bruno.

Then, I filled in my profile with some informations:

  • Education and school attended.
  • Jobs I had and companies I worked for (if your company doesn’t exist in the database, just create it)
  • Profile picture.

  • Change or choose a new background image:
    • Currently, you can’t hide the album with main images (Avatar, Background …)
    • I set as background image a little Infographic with an arrow, that suggest to use the mouse scroll  to display the Resume Timeline (just in case the visitor doesn’t know how Facebook Timeline works)

click on the image to zoom

  • Just below the header, on the left side of the page there will be the name of your last company and your address; on the right side, the list of your friends, album, etc will be shown.
    • On the right side of the bar, hide the unnecessary section. Remember: you can’t hide the album containing the main images!
    • At left-bottom a link labeled “Information” is shown; if people is interested in your cv, it can access trough this link to the detailed information you added.

click on the image to zoom

  • At the beginning of the Timeline  add on the left a brief post with Social Network Links (Facebook personal profile, Linkedin, GPlus, Blog …) and on the right important updates and last post from my blog.
    • Remember:  everything appears in chronological order, from left to right: thus, if you update the last blog post, you will have to add your Social Network Links again.

click on the image to zoom

  • Add a photo album containing your Certifications, Awards, Certificate of Graduation, etc. and expand the corresponding event

click on the image to zoom

  • Then, back to theTimeline again:
    • Your job activities and collaboration will appear in chronological order.
    • Add an image for each company and fill in the details about each activity.
    • I would have liked to set the “Job Start” in “Expanded Mode” and thethe “End of Job/Collaboration”   in “Reduced Mode” but…
    • Apparently, there is a bug with the Timeline. In fact, the configuration is not correctly saved if some posts is configured in “Reduced Mode”.
    • Currently, all events/post look like:

click on the image to zoom

    • I would definitely prefer to configure events such as “The End of Job/Collaboration” in “Reduced Mode”,  but I’ve to wait for the bug to be fixed?

click on the image to zoom

  • Privacy settings:
    • Configure your profile as “Public”, so everyone can see it.
    • Increase the privacy level for tags settings and for  “Who can post on your Wall”.
    • Set the option that only “friend of friends” can send you friend request.
    • Don’t add any friends.
    • By using this configuration, you will be sure that nobody can write to your professional profile, nor spoil your Timeline with tag, Post, Request, News …
  • I leave you with a wonderful infographic from my Professiona Facebook Profile. If you liked this post.. don’t forget to share! 😉

click on the image to zoom

About Paolo Bruno

Nel mio blog scrivo delle mie esperienze personali e professionali, di tecnologia, recensioni ed opinioni, in modo concreto, diretto e senza fronzoli.

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